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WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU                                                 

Ours is a professional business, which only can be successful by taking a personal interest in you, your property and your tenants. You are more than a number to us. We provide many services for the management fees you pay.

Services Offered
We show your property to prospective tenants, prepare rental agreements and we house your tenants. To make sure everything is in order, we check the property at move-in and at move-out, arrange for cleaning before and after each rental, inspect the housekeeper’s work, keep records of tenant deposits and make refunds in strict compliance with the Arizona Landlord Tenant Act as well as the rental agreement /lease. For your peace of mind, all deposits go into a secure trust account at a local bank. We collect rent and account for it to you and the tenant. We respond promptly to service requests and handle the many small complaints and requests from the tenants, thus shielding you from the hassle. We contract with qualified, capable service people, and pay the bills. We will shop for you with care and for the best prices. We inspect the interior and exterior once a year. We conduct periodic drive-by surveys, arrange for yard care, painting and other services that you may request. The bottom line of our service is to provide you with carefree ownership of your investment property.

Before a property is accepted for management, we make a detailed inspection of your unit. We may suggest that you make certain renovations or repairs. There are minimum requirements to meet our standards, developed by years of experience in dealing with tenant’s needs and desires. We reserve the right to set the rent price on your property according to what the market will bear.

If, during a regular inspection of your property, we discover that a minor repair is needed, we will order the work done and you will see the detail of this item on your monthly statement. If a major repair is required (generally anything over $200), we will call or write you for permission and funds. A minimum deposit of $200 must be maintained in your trust account to cover minor expenditures and payment of bills; the law requires immediate action for emergency problems with water, heat, cooling, safety and health.

We cannot under any circumstances overdraw your trust account and we cannot make repairs or pay bills from anticipated rent.

Exterior Maintenance and Yard Care
The owner is responsible for repairs, painting and major yard work. A tenant is expected to keep the yard watered and tidy. Major items such as trimming, hauling, and water systems are the owner’s responsibility. At your option we will arrange for these services and pay your bills.

Agreements, Contracts, Leases
There is a standardized rental agreement and a customized lease that is approved by the Arizona Department of Real Estate. Our management agreement has also been approved by the Arizona Department of Real Estate and covers many important issues for your information.

We sign rental agreements and leases on your behalf. Leases and rental agreements are confirmed to you in writing upon request with the originals filed in our office.

Payment of Rent Proceeds and Statements
We provide an Owner Portal so you can access statements to your properties at any time as well as seeing if the tenant has paid their rent each month. We will automatically deposit your rent proceeds each month into your designated bank account.

Assigning Tenant(s) Responsibility
We take precautions and qualify tenants before renting your property to them by obtaining credit checks, contacting former and present landlords, check for criminal history, and employment verifications. We collect rent in advance and deposits for security, cleaning and pets as appropriate. No refund is made until the unit is checked; anything out of the ordinary is noted and the matter taken up with the tenant. Normal wear and tear is expected in rental properties, but anything over and above what is considered normal wear and tear is charged to the tenant.
The tenant is responsible for the entire period of the lease. In the event of an early termination, by the tenant, we make every effort to re-rent the property and collect the rent from the terminating tenant until re-rented.

Our goal is to obtain maximum rent, with qualified tenants, and protect your investment.

JPM Property Managment, LLC is a licensed brokerage with the State of Arizona and shall not be held responsible for any occasional inaccuracies presented on this website.
We appologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
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