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Tenant Services

Tenant Services

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What to do if your water bill is high:

Click here to read this from the water department

If you discover a leak between the meter and the house, please call us to get it repaired.

If you discover a leak before the meter, call your water department

If you can't find a leak and your bill is still high, call your water depoartment to check the meter

What to check first if your power is off:

Call APS to see if there is an outage in your area. You can reach them at 602-371-7171 or by their website www.aps.com. If this is not the issue and you are current on your payments, try the following:

Check all GFCI outlets in the house and press the reset button. Here is what they can look like

If that doesn't work, locate your circuit breaker panel. Even if the breaker looks like it is in the on position, it may be popped. Switch the breaker to the off and then all the way to the on again. Here is what a panel generally looks like. They are usually located outside on either side of your garage. If you live in an apartment or duplex without a garage, check inside in your bathroom or a closet.

If these options don't work, please call us to send an electrician.


Office hours:
Monday- Thursday 9:00am- 4:00pm

Application fee:
A non refundable $35.00 per applicant. Anyone 18 years or older needs to complete an application.

How long does it take to process an application:
If the application is complete and we receive a copy of your ID and the fee, it normally takes 24 hours depending on how long it takes for your employer and landlord to get back to us.

What documentation is needed for self employed applicants:
The last 2 years tax returns or verification of income through bank statements.

Does an application take the house off the market:
No, the applications are processed on a first come, first qualified basis. Once a qualified application has been accepted, a lease fully executed, and earnest money received, the house will be taken off the market.

All of our homes allow assistive animals only unless otherwise stated on the rent list.  If a pet is allowed, there is a $200.00 deposit per animal. $25.00 of this deposit is non refundable.

Rent due date:
Rent is due on the 1st of the month. If your rent is postmarked no later than the 3rd of the month or paid online by 4:30pm Arizona time on the 3rd of the month, there will be no late fee. If your payment is received or postmarked after the 3rd of the month, there will be a $20.00 per day late fee assessed on the 4th and $5.00 for each additional day (some commercial leases are $40 and $10/ day) until you pay your rent in full. If you are going to be late, you must include the late fees with your rent check.

We will not be able to accept payments through our drop box.

Number of persons allowed to reside in a home:
There is a maximum 2 people per bedroom for our rentals.

How to see a home:
Call us to make an appointment at
928-649-0557 and we will ask you some prescreening questions and then set a time to meet you at the home.

Length of leases:
Typically 12 months for houses and commercial leases, we have a few owners that will allow shorter term leases or month to month

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